Integrated Sphere System

Hamamatsu Photonic systems for Measurement of Organic LED Materials, provides a variety of measurement need needs from development of Organic LED to the development of flat panels.
The laboratory is equipped with C9920-02G-03G Absolute quantum yield measurement system, which employs the PL (photoluminescence) method to measure absolute quantum yields quick and accurately. Their setup comprises an excitation light source, monochromator, an integrating sphere capable of nitrogen gas flow and a CCD spectrometer for detecting the whole spectral range simultaneously. The dedicated software keeps operation easy. Two sample holders are available for thin films, powders and cuvettes holding liquid samples. This allows for the use of the C9920- 2G-03G system in various fields like industry, biological and academic research. Furthermore, EQE (External Quantum Efficiency) Measurements, with System C9920-12 configuration, enables EL (Electroluminescence) spectral measurements as well as the electrical characteristic and power efficiency of full integrated OLED devices.