Roll-to-Roll Pilot Line

r2r 01 r2r 02

Large area R2R manufacturing of OPVs, OLEDs, Sensors, OFETs onto plastics, equipped with Ultra-fast Laser scribing and in-line metrology systems.

Gravure Printing

R2R Gravure printing for high-throughput, high-quality printing with high resolution for manufacturing printed electronics.

Slot-Die Printing

R2R Slot Die coating provides smooth layers with homogeneous thickness in web direction and cross-direction and it can enable patterning of continues stripes of functional materials for organic electronic devices.

Inkjet Printing

R2R Inkjet printing allows direct patterning of all the layers, offering full freedom of design without the use of masks or structuring by hardware.

Screen Printing

R2R Screen printing allows the formation of a very thick wet layer and thereby also very thick dry films, which can be useful for printed electrodes where high conductivity is needed.

Laser Patterning

R2R Laser patterning enables the P1-P3 serial integration of flexible organic thin-film solar cells on polymer substrates, thus allowing new approaches to the module design.

Encapsulation Module

Encapsulation System equipped with 2 rolls for the lamination of High Barrier Films onto Flexible Electronic Devices. R2R Encapsulation takes place in the Lamination/Delamination Station, where R2R produced devices can be protected with high barrier films from oxygen and moisture.

Raman Spectroscopy

In-line Ellipsometry

inline ellips