Ultra High Vacuum Pilot Line

uhv dca 01 uhv dca 02 uhv dca 04

UHV chambers (base pressure: 10-10 Torr) for organic (small molecule) semiconductors for application in organic electronics and inorganic (metals, oxides, nitrides, borides) conductive and semiconductive thin films for applications in Organic Electronics, Semiconductors and Optical Coatings Industry. Growth on 4'' substrates. Equiped with various PVD growth techniques (sputtering, ion-beam assisted deposition, e-beam evaporation, etc.) and in-situ process monitoring and optical characterization techniques (MWSE, FTIRSE, QMS).

Recent Achievements: Bulk heterojunction small molecules (ZnPc:C60 etc) solar cells, growth of ultra high barrier multilayers for the packaging of flexible organic electronic devices,  ZnO based transparent conductive oxides on flexible plastic substrates

E-Beam Evaporation & Thermal Evaporation

DC Sputtering

Pulsed DC Sputtering

In-line Optical Characterization (VIS-UV, FTIR Ellipsometry)

uhv dca 03