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Publications 2005

  1. "Effects of normal load on nanotribological properties of sputtered carbon nitride films"
    C.A. Charitidis and S. Logothetidis
    Diamond and Related Materials, 14 98-108 (2005)
  2. "Surface and interface properties of amorphous carbon layers on rigid and flexible substrates"
    Logothetidis S.
    Thin Solid Films, 482 9-18 (2005)
  3. "Haemocompatibility studies on carbon-based thin films by ellipsometry"
    Logothetidis S., M. Gioti, S. Lousinian, and S. Fotiadou
    Thin Solid Films, 482 126-132 (2005)
  4. "Effects of energetic species during the growth of Nitrogenated amorphous carbon thin films on their Nanomechanical properties"
    C. Charitidis, P. Patsalas, S. Logothetidis
    Thin Solid Films, 482 177-182 (2005)
  5. "Nanomechanical and nanotribological properties of carbon based films"
    C. Charitidis, S. Logothetidis
    Thin Solid Films, 482 120-125 (2005)
  6. "An electrical, optical and epr study of room temperature deposited CNx films on Si"
    N. Konofaos, I. Deliyianakis, E.K. Evangelou, M. Gioti, S. Logothetidis
    Thin Solid Films, 482 270-274 (2005)
  7. "Electronic and optical properties of a-C from tight-binding molecular dynamics simulations"
    C. Mathioudakis, P.C. Kelires, M. Gioti, P. Patsalas, S. Logothetidis
    Thin Solid Films, 482 151-155 (2005)
  8. "Surface and interface morphology and structure of amorphous carbon thin and multilayer films"
    P. Patsalas, S. Logothetidis, P.C. Kelires
    Diamond and Related Materials, Volume 14, Issue 8, August 2005, Pages 1241-1254
  9. "Nanoscale effects on the Nanomechanical properties of multifunctional materials"
    C. Charitidis, S. Logothetidis
    Computational Materials Science, 33 296-302 (2005)
  10. "Polymeric substrates and encapsulation for flexible electronics: Bonding structure, surface modification and functional nanolayer growth"
    S. Logothetidis
    Reviews on Advanced Materials Science 10 (5): 387-397 DEC 2005
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