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Publications 2017

  1. "Ti and nitride surface modification of copper by pack cementation"
    Stathokostopoulos, D., Chaliampalias, D., Pliatsikas, N., Kassavetis, S., Pavlidou, E., Patsalas, P., Logothetidis, S., Chrissafis, K., Vourlias, G.
    Surface Engineering, pp. 1-8. Article in Press (2017)
  2. "Perovskite solar cells from small scale spin coating process towards roll-to-roll printing: Optical and Morphological studies"
    Tzounis, L., Stergiopoulos, T., Zachariadis, A., Gravalidis, C., Laskarakis, A., Logothetidis, S.
    Materials Today: Proceedings, 4 (4), pp. 5082-5089 (2017)
  3. "Ultra-Short Pulse Laser for Patterning High Quality Graphene Electrodes"
    Pechlivani, E.M., Papas, D., Mekeridis, E., Laskarakis, A., Nomikos, G., Logothetidis, S.
    Materials Today: Proceedings, 4 (4), pp. 5074-5081 (2017)
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