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H2020 - NMP 646221
Participation of LTFN
Project Coordinator: Ineris, France
Duration: 36 months

NanoReg2 will establish safe by design as a fundamental pillar in the validation of a novel manufactured material.

The NanoReg2 project, built around the challenge of coupling SbD to the regulatory process, will demonstrate and establish new principles and ideas based on data from value chain implementation studies to establish SbD as a fundamental pillar in the validation of a novel MNM. It is widely recognized by industries as well as by regulatory agencies that grouping strategies for NM are urgently needed. ECETOC has formed a task force on NM grouping and also within the OECD WPMN a group works on NM categorisation. However, so far no reliable and regulatory accepted grouping concepts could be established. Grouping concepts developed by NanoReg2 can be regarded as a major innovation therefore as guidance documents on NM grouping will not only support industries or regulatory agencies but would also strongly support commercial launch of a new NM.

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