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Participation of LTFN
Project Coordinator: INSERM U1205
Duration: 36 months (2017-2020)

The aim of the project is to translate at the bedside a tumour vibrational therapy for glioblastoma patients involving spintronic particles and a low cost magnetic vibrator. Integrating that enough data are available to implement a rigorous translational program as well as the European associated leadership, we implement a synergistic consortium to be able to solve in parallel in an anticipated mode all the preclinical, fabrication, ethical and regulatory prerequisites mandatory for clinical translation. The therapeutic impact of vibrational particles has been demonstrated in vitro by the members of our consortium and more recently in vivo. Objective is now to initiate a full translational approach to be able to move rigorously in glioblastoma patients.

  • Objectives associated to this translational goal are to:
  • Chose the best vibrational particles and associated parameters
  • Set up a “GMP” compatible production of the particles
  • Design and produce a swine and human compatible vibrator.
  • Demonstrate in vitro and in vivo biocompatibility (efficacy on glioma cells sparing healthy tissues)
  • Optimize the delivery and tumor tissue coverage with adequate chemical modifications
  • Demonstrate survival
  • Anticipate the reflexion about Ethics, societal acceptance
  • Generate IP and valorisation strategy
  • Build a new nanomedicine translational methodology using the exemplification of this project

This is also the opportunity to move to a renovated translational nanomedicine approach, trying to boost nanotechnology innovation faster and safer at the bedside. Innovative nanotoxicology approaches, new more relevant animal models integrating also societal concerns in big animal research, as well as the design of “phase O-cognitive proof of concept trial” are some of the paradigmatic innovations we want to deal with during this project.

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