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"Nanomedicine for Advanced, Bio-active / -mimetic Materials for Cardiovascular Implants"

Post-Doc Project
Coordination by LTFN
Project Coordinator : Dr. Karagkiozaki Varvara MSc, Cardiologist

NanoCardio targets to manufacture advanced Nanocomposites and Bioinspired Materials with controlled surface properties for Cardiovascular Implants, to address the drawbacks of the currently used Stents.
It will give access to innovative Drug Eluting platform based on Nanocarriers for controllable drug release from medical implants.

Design and development of Biomimetic Nano-composites made of:

  1. Bioactive, nanoporous coatings for multifunctional activities- as drug reservoirs and to steer ECs adhesion and proliferation
  2. Therapeutic Nanoparticles

These advanced nanostructures will be Thrombo-protective and Endothelial Selective for Stent Applications, in order to accelerate Endothelialization and to overcome the complications of the late Stent Thrombosis and in-stent Restenosis of drug eluting stents.

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