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"GR-Light - Green/k Sustainable Lighting"

Participation of LTFN
Project Coordinator: University of Patras
Duration: 21 months (2013)
AuThScientific Responsible: Ass. Prof. M. Gioti

The main idea of GR-Light is to develop the r2r manufacturing technology and the flexible OLED devices for the production of sustainable & eco-friendly lighting systems. To attain the r2r compatibility and lifetime extension all the materials and device structures will be suitable for printing and will be encapsulated with high barrier materials to protect them from atmospheric gasses.
The target is to effectively combine novel materials into high-throughput r2r printing and patterning methods, like inkjet printing and laser patterning. A r2r pilot system will be developed with the aim to fabricate flexible OLEDs. It will implement three important processes: multilayer deposition, patterning and packaging which will be evaluated and optimized to fabricate flexible OLEDs. The flexible OLED devices will be encapsulated and integrated with other electronic components (battery and OPV), towards energy saving–autonomous lighting systems. The proof of concept of the prototype r2r machine will be demonstrated through the fabrication of two specific prototypes such as interior-attractive autonomous lighting and smart clothing.

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