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Development and Study of Novel Carbon Structures and their Properties for Applications in Nano- and NanoBio Technology

Serbia- Greece Bilateral Project (2003-2005)
Coordination by LTFN

During the past decade low dimensional systems, such as thin films, multilayerd systems and nanostructures (e.g. carbon nanotubes) became one of the most interesting subject in material science, due to variety of exceptional properties they exhibit that makes them highly applicable in nanotechnology, info- & nanobio- technology and in medicine. The study of these systems has been the core subject of the successful research of the two sides from Greece (EL-team) and Serbia (Ser-team). The Ser-team develops original symmetry based approach for their investigation, while the EL-team has a long-time experience, mainly in the growth and reliable characterization of these systems.
The project enables a more intensive joint effort in the investigation of carbon-based nanostructures, including theoretical interpretation of the experimental results, as well as the experimental verification of the theoretical predictions. The main aim of the research is to make insight into the study of carbon based layered systems (thin films & multilayers) and nanostructures (e.g. carbon nanotubes) through the study of the mechanisms during growth, the electro-optical and vibrational properties of these systems and the optimization of the experimental conditions in order to enhance their physical, chemical and biological properties. Such information will enable fine-tuning of the properties important in nano- and opto-electronics, surface engineering, biocompatibility and even to provide novel nano-optical devices.

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