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"Transparent Films Vacuum Coatings Machine with Integrated In-line Monitoring and Control (TransMach)"

GROWTH Project (3/2001 - 4/2004)
Coordination by LTFN
Project Coordinator : Prof. S. Logothetidis

TransMach is led by current and future needs for packaging films (30 GEuro products in 2001), optical coatings on flexible substrates, solar modules and flexible displays (20 GEuro in 2005), where cost efficient production and high quality transparent coatings by large area vacuum (LAV) machines are the drivers and Europe's difficulties. TransMach in an integrated approach develops an ultra-fast unit to monitor the processes and a method to screen transparent coating properties to demonstrate an intelligent and reliable LAV machinery with in-line control solving the difficulties in: processes (speed 10m/s, moving surfaces, surface cleaning and then coated), technical demands for coatings (defined optical and barrier properties), requirements for material and energy consumption (thickness), repeatability, high quality products and cost reduction.

TRANSMACH with its completion was rated from EC as outstanding and has resulted to the following Technology Transfer of results as shown in CORDIS Technology Marketplace.

  1. A methodology of correlation of optical-intermediate and functional transparent coatings properties
  2. A novel Ultra Fast Multi-Wavelength Ellipsometric (UFMWE) unit capable to monitor fast processes
  3. Integrated LAV machine (with incorporated UFMWE monitoring units, managed by a LAN) showing intelligent and highly reliable in-line control beyond existing standards in monitoring of the LAV

1 & 3 results were given a special promotion on the 'Technology Marketplace',
1. Improving the optical properties of transparent films
3. Product protection with perfect packaging

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