Lab for Thin Films - Nanobiomaterials - Nanosystems - Nanometrology


Development of hard and elastic protective coatings and multilayer structured films of graphite and diamond type for a wide range of technological applications

PENED 99ED645 (1/1/00-30/7/01)
Coordination by LTFN
Project Coordinator : Prof. S. Logothetidis

The aims of this project include the experimental and theoretical study of the microstructure, composition and mechanical properties of novel hard and superhard materials of the C-B-N system (sp3-bonded a-C, c-BN, b-C3N4). These materials are suitable for applications in surface engineering, protective coatings, optical, microelectronic and magnetic recording media, aeronautics and automotive industry, exhibiting similar structure and mechanical performance. In addition they can be used in complementary manner providing tailoring potential for specific industrial applications by using different processing or combinations of different materials e.g. superhard a-C multilayers with low friction coefficient, c-BN structures for high temperature applications and highly elastic CNx.

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