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"Deployment of in-Situ Optical Monitoring Techniques for Tailoring Thin Film Properties for Specific Advanced Industrial Applications" (ISOTECH)

BRITE EURAM III, BRPR-CT96-0265 (1/97-12/99)
Coordination by LTFN
Project Coordinator : Dr. S. Logothetidis

The industrial present project is dictated by the current demand of manufacturing companies of razor and industrial blades, bearings and seals and piezoelectric quartz oscillators for improved product and component performance via the use of thin film surface coatings. The coatings materials properties of concern here are hardness, friction thermal and chemical stability, adhesion, fracture strength and wear resistance. Optimisation of these properties may be attained in the candidate coatings, which are single, graded or multilayered DLC- and /or TiNx? based thin film structures, through in-situ (during film growth), monitoring and control of their stoichiometry, composition, microstructure and thickness.
For the purpose of in-situ control, a low cost high speed unit based on the Spectroscopic Ellipsometry (SE) technique, is first developed in the project and further developed into a commercially available instrument of distinct competitive advantages. The deposition techniques to be used for the development and production of the surface coatings will be magnetron sputtering and closed film unbalanced magnetron sputtering. The latter will also be developed into a new line of superior industrial deposition systems equipped with the above in-situ monitoring low cost high speed SE (LCHSSE) unit.
ISOTECH with its completion was rated from EC as outstanding and has resulted to the following Technology Transfer of results as shown in CORDIS Technology Marketplace. (Visit this LINK)

  1. Deployment of in-situ optical monitoring techniques for tailoring thin film properties for specific advanced industrial applications (ISOTECH)
  2. Transparent films vacuum coatings machine with integrated in-line monitoring and control

1 result were given a special promotion on the 'Technology Marketplace'
1. Title: All weather coats

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