Lab for Thin Films - Nanobiomaterials - Nanosystems - Nanometrology


Advanced Materials Processing and Materials Structure and Properties

STRIDE HELLAS 348 (1/91-12/93)
Coordination by LTFN
Project Coordinator: Dr. S. Logothetidis, with the participation of two Greek industries

The project's aims are summarized as following :
PVC Resins : Quality control and improvement of the product manufactured by one of the biggest industries in Northern Greece.
Polymeric and composite materials : Basic infrastructure development and utilization of this infrastructure for the production of advanced polymeric materials.
Coatings and surface engineering : Advanced surface processing development for the improvement of erosion/corrosion and wear resistance of materials used in specific chemical environments in Northern Greece industries.
Modeling : Of thin films' properties and polymeric materials' processing.
The project was completed on January 31st 1993 and was ranked as one of the best ten projects of its category.

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