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"Multiwavelength sensor for sub-micron particle analysis (Multisens)"

CRAFT (2/1999- 7/2001)
Project Coordinator: Dr. R.A. Zahoransky
Participation of LTFN
AUTh Sci. Responsible Prof. S.Logothetidis

The aim of this project is to develop a low cost, industrial grade real time submicron particle sensor that can be used as a means of enforcing compliance to emission standards and as a tool for development of clean engines and advanced aftertreatment technology. Novelty in the product design stems from its real time, high sensitivity, submicron particle measuring capabilities in the undiluted exhaust environment and software design to allow more accurate size analysis that accounts for non spherical particles, achieved exploiting this operating principle of multiwavelength laser extinction in combination with a white cell.

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