Lab for Thin Films - Nanobiomaterials - Nanosystems - Nanometrology


Thematical Area (T.A.) "Nanotechnology, Materials and Industrial Technologies"

The questions to be answered are: in which technological- thematical areas are innovations expected in next 15 years, what is their chronological horizon, how they are expected to influence the development of Macedonia Region and what adjustments are needed in order to best exploit the challenges. The Team oriented the T.A., determining in this way the subjects of the Delphi Statements, taking into consideration that the production and industry continuously require more efficient operations that meet the competition and environmental needs and that Nanotechnologies will restructure the existing production technologies, health, environment management, energy production, information technology. Nanotechnology- Namnosciences and Multifunctional Materials will have great advancements and will provide possibilities for the production of new products, solutions in unsolved problems, increase in productivity- functionality, maintenance of raw materials, and reduction of energy consumption.

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