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"Functionalized Ceramic Membrane Filter for Highly Efficient Soot Particle Removal"

BRITE EURAM III Project No: BE97 - 5088 (6/1998-5/2001).
Project Coordinator: Ms P. Stobbe
Participation of LTFN
AUTh Sci. Responsible Prof. S. Logothetidis

With the participation of two other research Institutes and four European Industries.
The present Industrial Research project addresses the problem of developing advanced ceramic filters for soot particle emissions control with the following main objective : to overcome problems of currently available ceramic filter technology in terms of material reliability pressure drop, collection efficiency for fine particles and ease of cleaning (?regeneration? by oxidation of collected soot) at a low cost by integrating : i) a silicon carbide (SiC)-based extruded monolithic filter, with very high collection efficiency for nano-sized particles, low pressure drop and high material reliability, ii) advanced catalytic coatings for soot oxidation incorporated into the filter microstructure and iii) adaptive control of flow direction in the ceramic filter based on comprehensive computer modelling tools.

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