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Spatio-temporal Instabilities in Deformation and Fracture: Mechanics, Materials Science and Nonlinear Physics Aspects

TMR-Research Network FMRX960062 (1/1997 - 12/2001)
Project Coordinator : Prof. E. C. Aifantis
Participation of LTFN

The proposed interdisciplinary network on Spatio-temporal Instabilities in "Fellowships and Euroconferences in Mechanics of Materials" where several Deformation and Fracture, aims to bring together scientists from the mechanics, the materials science and the condensed matter
of the partners already participate. The results would be exploited in to advanced technology (manufacturing, microelectronics) and environment-related (hazardous waste storage, liquefaction) applications. The network will foster interdisciplinary and collaborative research on the following broad research subjects:
Fundamental theoretical/experimental/numerical studies in deformation and crack patterns at different length and time scales with emphasis on bridging continuum and discrete descriptions.
Understanding of quasi static and dynamic deformation localisation and failure mechanisms of monolithic and composite solids, including phase transformations, adiabatic shear bands, and crack nucleation/propagation phenomena.
Exploration of the impact of the above results into deriving processing-structure-property relations of novel materials (active composites, amorphous/nanophase solids); optimizing advanced technological processes (forming, drilling, cutting, coating); and predicting large-scale natural processes such as earthquake damage and liquefaction.

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