Lab for Thin Films - Nanobiomaterials - Nanosystems - Nanometrology


LTFN has established the Center of Organic and Printed Electronics for research and manufacturing of Organic Electronics (OE) devices for applications in Energy, Lighting, Electronics, Nanobiomedicine, Smart textiles, Smart food packaging, Greenhouses etc. The Center of Organic and Printed Electronics develops three cutting-edge technologies for OE devices fabrication.


R2R Printing Pilot and Production Line

center 01

Larte Area R2R Manufacturing of OPVs onto Plastics with Laser scribing and In-line metrology.


Gas Transport Pilot Lines

center 02

OVPD Gas Transport depostition of small molecule OPVs, OLEDs

CVD System for Graphene and 2D Nanomaterials and devices


S2S Pilot Line

center 03

Hybrid and Vacuum technologies for OE devices

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