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LTFN is a world-class pioneer in Optical Technology and Nanometrology that develops in-situ, in-line and ex-situ Optical Metrology techniques and methodologies for nanomaterials, systems characterization and process optimization.

Its state-of-the-art Nanometrology facilities include:

  • Spectroscopic Ellipsometry (IR-NIR-Vis-farUV, ex-situ, in-situ, in-line)
  • Raman & Photoluminescence
  • Solar Simulators (from lab to large scale)
  • X-rays Measurements (XRR, XRD, XDS)
  • Scanning near-field microscopy (SNOM)
  • Electrical Characterization
  • SPM & Nanomechanical Characterization Platforms
  • Luminescence & Photoluminescence
  • Water Vapour Transmission measurements
  • Contact angle measurements
  • XPS, AES, TEM, SEM (access)


In-situ Phase Modulated Spectroscopic Ellipsometer (1.5-6.5 eV) equipped with Ultra Fast Multi-Wavelength unit for real-time SE measurements for monitoring thin-film growth process.
In-situ Fourier Transform IR Spectroscopic Ellipsometer (0.1-0.5 eV) for monitoring thin-film growth process and polymer plasma treatment.
In-situ Phase Modulated Spectroscopic Ellipsometer (0.7-4.3 eV) for real-time monitoring thin-film growth by Sputtering and HIPIMS processes.

ellips 01



Ex-situ Phase Modulated Spectroscopic Ellipsometer with Variable Angle (1.5-6.5 eV) in reflection and transmission modes.

ellips 04



In-line Phase Modulated Spectroscopic Ellipsometer (3-6.5eV) for real-time measurements.

Roll-to-Roll In-line Ellipsometer

OVPD In-line Ellipsometer

ellips 03

inline ellips

el measur 01  el measur 02

Semiconductor characterization system for inorganic and organic thin film characterization. It includes 4 independent Source Measurement Units for sample probing. Capable of performing I-V, C-V and resistivity measurements.

Hamamatsu Photonic systems for Measurement of Organic LED Materials, provides a variety of measurement need needs from development of Organic LED to the development of flat panels.
The laboratory is equipped with C9920-02G-03G Absolute quantum yield measurement system, which employs the PL (photoluminescence) method to measure absolute quantum yields quick and accurately. Their setup comprises an excitation light source, monochromator, an integrating sphere capable of nitrogen gas flow and a CCD spectrometer for detecting the whole spectral range simultaneously. The dedicated software keeps operation easy. Two sample holders are available for thin films, powders and cuvettes holding liquid samples. This allows for the use of the C9920- 2G-03G system in various fields like industry, biological and academic research. Furthermore, EQE (External Quantum Efficiency) Measurements, with System C9920-12 configuration, enables EL (Electroluminescence) spectral measurements as well as the electrical characteristic and power efficiency of full integrated OLED devices.

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