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The 8th Workshop "Boosting the Organic & Printed Electronics Industry in Greece" took place at Thessaloniki, Greece at May 30th 2016 with the participation of several representatives from Academia, Industry and representatives from regional and national goverment. The Workshop started with the inauguration of the newly founded Center of Organic and Printed Electronics - Hellas (COPE-H), which is an initiative of Nanotechnology Lab LTFN of Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece.

Download the Press Release here.

The Inauguration of the "Center of Organic and Printed Electronics in Greece" - COPE-H, performed with great success on Monday 30th of May. Eminent persons participated in the Event: Ms Maria Kollia Tsaroucha - Deputy Minister of the Interior for Makedonia and Thrace, Mr Vasileios Vairamidis - Brigader & Representative of the political and military leadership, Mr Theodanis Papas - Deputy Head of Entrepreneurship, Competitiveness and Enviroment and Mr Theodoros Papadopoulos - Mayor of Thermi city.

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Then followed the 8th Workshop - "Boosting the Organic and Printed Electronics Industry in Greece", in which scientists, engineers, industrial partners, final users, enterpreneurials, VCs and representatives from national authorities had the chance to network and discuss the latest advances on the field.

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 During the Workshop, Mr Marcos Bolaris - Deputy Minister of Agriculture, was informed about all the actions of COPE-H and HOPE-A.

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Finally, the Signature of the Cooperation Agreement (MoU) between HOPE-A and the Japanese Organization JAPEC was announced.

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LTFN will participate at Industrial Technologies 2016, at June 22-24 2016 in Amsterdam Netherlands. Visit us at our booth No 7. You can find out more here.

The Event will take place on May 30 2016, 09.00 am at Hyatt Regency Thessaloniki Hotel. This exciting event will also include the Inauguration of the Center for Organic & Printed Electronics - Hellas (COPE-H).

The Workshop targets to form the Strategy and Policy to boost the Organic & Printed Electronics Industry in Greece and beyond, with the participation of scientists, engineers, industrial partners, final users, enterpreneurials, VCs and representatives from national authorities.

Some of the Topics that will be discussed are:

  • Center of Organic & Printed Electronics (COPE-H)
  • Outlook for the Greek and International OEs sector
  • Opportunities from NSRF, RIS3, SME Instrument, Fast Track
  • Funding Opportunities and Strategy for OEs Enterprises
  • Commercialization & Industrialization opportunities
  • Manufacturing and Processes of Organic & Printed Electronics
  • OPVs for Energy in Automotive, Buildings, Greenhouses, WT
  • OLEDs for Lighting, Displays and Signage
  • Applications in Smart Packaging, Smart Textiles, Wearables, IoT
  • OEs Start-ups and SME Companies in Greece
  • Clusters and Associations in OEs Worldwide (HOPE-A, COPT, AFELIM, OES, JAPERA)

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Below you can find the event's poster and the Workshop's preliminary agenda.

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printed electronics 2016

LTFN participated at Printed Electronics Europe Conference and Exhibition at 27-28 April 2016, in Berlin, Germany. Here are some photos during the event.

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printed electronics 2016

LTFN will participate at Printed Electronics Europe Conference and Exhibition at 27-28 April 2016, in Berlin, Germany. Visit us at our booth No. BOOTH i09. You can find more information here.

LTFN participated at 9th Innovation multi-conference at 7 November 2015, in Thessaloniki, Greece. Thank you all for visiting our booth. Check out some event's photos.

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The Workshop will take place on 31 October 2015 - 9.30 am, at "Porto Palace Conference Centre and Hotel", Thessaloniki, Greece.

Some of the Workshop's topics are:

  • GR-Light Project
  • R2R Printing Technology for OLEDs Fabrication
  • OLEDs for Interior Lighting Source
  • Integration of OLEDs to functional systems
  • OLEDs and OPVs Systems
  • OLEDs Demonstrators in Smart Clothing

Below you can find the workshop's poster and agenda!

grlight workshop poster sm agenda grlight workshop

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