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"Multifunctional NANOcoatings with HYBRID organic-inorganic interfaces"

Participation of LTFN
Project Coordinator: University of Ioannina
Duration: 29 months (2013)
AuTh Scientific Responsible: Prof. S. Logothetidis

The NANO-HYBRID project aims at developing a new generation of industrial products based on multifunctional nanostructured coatings, which incorporate hybrid organic-inorganic interfaces. Nanostructured coatings can be either nanocomposites or nanolaminates or a combination of them.
In particular, two industrial applications will be considered:

  1. Exceptional hardness, wear and corrosion resistance nanocoatings with an adherent, organic lubricant overlayer of controlled lubrication performance.
  2. Coloration of organic ophthalmic lenses by depositing an inorganic, plasmonic and hard/scratch resistant coating by physical vapor deposition.

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