Lab for Thin Films - Nanobiomaterials - Nanosystems - Nanometrology




"Development of Nanostructured Organic & Inorganic Materials and Thin Films for the Production of Organic Electronic Devices (NanOrganic)"

SINERGASIES Project (2011)
Coordination of LTFN
Project Coordinator : Prof. S. Logothetidis

The main idea of NanOrganic is the development of a complete technology of Organic Electronics that includes the development of improved organic semiconductors (polymers & small molecules), conductors, and nano-structured hybrid barrier materials with a combination of printing and vacuum processes, the development of organic electronic devices from these materials and the achievement of compatibility of the materials and processes with large scale and low cost production processes with the aim the direct application in industrial scale for the production of organic electronic devices onto polymer substrates. For the achievement of this idea, the NanOrganic will combine all the Greek excellence in this field.

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