Lab for Thin Films - Nanobiomaterials - Nanosystems - Nanometrology


Development of diamond type thin film technology for electronic devices and flat panel display applications

PENED 99ED361 (1/1/00-30/6/01)
Coordination by LTFN

The aims of the present project include:

  • The development of the production technology of pure amorphous Carbon (a-C) or Nitrogenated a-C films (a-C:N) rich in sp3 on flat Si and SiO2 substrates with in-situ and real time control of their thickness and quality.
  • The a-C and a-C:N films optimization using optical and electrical characterization techniques.
  • The investigation of Titanium Nitride (TiNx) as metallization material on a-C and a-C:N films.
  • The production of Schottky diodes of Al, TiNx/DLC, DLC:N and heterojunctions DLC, DLC:N/Si and their characterization by electrical techniques and low frequency noise measurements.
  • The experimental study of field emission properties of these films.
  • The final correlation between microstructural characteristics of a-C and a-C:N films with the performance and yield of the corresponding Schottky diodes, heterostructure and field emission devices.

The applications of a-C and a-C:N films are expected to expand soon to high power/high temperature electronic devices and low cost field emission displays) and cold cathodes.

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